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Here are some examples of why someone may seek a Business Coach:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking

  • Thriving through transition (change management)

  • Goal setting

  • Identifying and seeking support internally & externally

  • Team building and performance

  • Small business planning

  • Priority management

  • Stress management / work-life balance

  • Cultural issues in the workplace

Moving your business or career to the next level takes a carefully considered strategy. When coaching is included as a critical element of your strategy, you will see each team member embed new learning, and take ownership of new strategies. Perhaps you have recently engaged an external consultant or sent the team to some training workshops? Coaching can be an excellent follow up to ensure the intended changes and learnings are transferred and sustained. 


Do you drag yourself through each day wondering whether there is more to life than the routine rat-race? Have you just experienced a major change in your life and need help to adjust? Do you need to figure out what negative cycles are holding you back and how to move past them?

Here are some examples of why someone may seek a Life Coach:

  • Strategies to move forward after a recent redundancy or contract end

  • Seeking a change in career direction

  • Adjusting to new family structures

  • Adjusting to life after an injury or diagnosis

  • Exam stress / survival

  • Planning retirement

  • Returning to work after a major life change, e.g. baby, illness

  • Identify your strengths, interests or motivations 

  • Spiritually searching – in need of purpose or fulfilment in life

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The KickStarter Package

  • 8 sessions

  • These sessions will enable you to break old habits and start to form new ones. When you are starting new adventures in life or business, this package will kickstart you to clarify your vision, make your plan and take your first steps.  

$1,480 + GST

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The FireCracker Package

  • 16 sessions 

  • Ready to get cracking? In this package, you and your coach will really get down to what matters and make real, genuine change. Release yourself to unlock old ways of thinking that are holding you back, take steps to empower your life, or take your life or business to the next level.

$2,800 + GST

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The OptimiseYou Package

  • 24 sessions (in blocks of 6 weekly sessions with breaks in-between)

  • Get regular support over 12 months with the OptimiseYou Package. Are you committed to making lasting improvement in your life or business? This package guarantees the greatest benefit. This package especially suits leaders or business owners who know they set the example and create the culture in their workplace or business. You know something needs to shift but are not sure where to start. This is the package that can identify set-in ways of working that now need to be questioned so that breakthrough can be experienced.

$3,980 + GST

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Please note: A casual engagement – one session at a time and no ongoing commitment- can be arranged at the rate of $195/hour. Please note, however, that it has been shown that greater outcomes are experienced with a series of regular sessions.

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