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Do you drag yourself through each day wondering whether there is more to life than the routine rat-race? Have you just experienced a major change in your life and need help to adjust? Do you need to figure out what negative cycles are holding you back and how to move past them?

Here are some examples of why someone may seek a Life Coach:

  • Strategies to move forward after a recent redundancy or contract end
  • Seeking a change in career direction
  • Adjusting to new family structures
  • Adjusting to life after an injury or diagnosis
  • Exam stress / survival
  • Planning retirement
  • Returning to work after a major life change, e.g. baby, illness
  • Identify your strengths, interests or motivations 
  • Spiritually searching – in need of purpose or fulfilment in life

Whatever your situation, we can pair you with the right coach. Get started today towards the life you dreamed of living.

Please note: If you are seeking spiritual coaching, the spiritual perspective of Release Coaching is Christian. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the source of true, lasting joy.

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