Release Coaching has a coach to suit every type of business environment – large or small, corporate or not-for-profit. Whatever your situation, we can pair you with the right coach. Here are some examples of why someone may seek a Business Coach:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking

  • Thriving through transition (change management)

  • Goal setting

  • Identifying and seeking support internally & externally

  • Team building and performance

  • Small business planning

  • Priority management

  • Stress management / work-life balance

  • Cultural issues in the workplace

Moving your business or career to the next level takes a carefully considered strategy. When coaching is included as a critical element of your strategy, you will see each team member embed new learning, and take ownership of new strategies. Perhaps you have recently engaged an external consultant or sent the team to some training workshops? Coaching can be an excellent follow up to ensure the intended changes and learnings are transferred and sustained. 

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